Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shoesday Tuesday- Shop Out of Season

One of the keys to bargain hunting is being willing to shop out of season. It can be really hard to try on a wool skirt in July or a pair of short shorts in October, but if you're willing to do it, you can find some really amazing bargains. Just last month, I happened upon a grey wool skirt at the Ann Taylor Loft in town and scored it for only (drumroll, please)... $4.77!!! For about the same price as a venti latte, I got myself a perfect fall/winter staple item for my wardrobe. It's going to be perfect with just about every pair of tights I own, and I'm really going to enjoy pairing it with other neutrals as well as some jewel tones. I've been dreaming of all the ways I'm going to use it, but you'll have to wait until the weather gets a little cooler before I start putting outfits together with it. Don't worry- in the meantime, I'll keep you satisfied with appropriate summer outfits!

My point is this: if on that hot July day, I'd only allowed myself to be focused on lightweight cottons, linens and chiffons and bright summery colors and prints, I would have missed out on an absolutely amazing bargain- quite possibly the best bargain of the year! Yes, shopping out of season requires a little more patience and fortitude, but you can do it! Ok, I admit, "fortitude" might be a bit dramatic, but I'm trying to impress upon you the amazing benefit of buying sweaters and mittens in the height of summer and scouring the shelves for sandals and tank tops during a blizzard.

I recommend buying staple items off season- wool and cashmere items like sweaters, overcoats and skirts in neutrals like grey, black and beige are perfect off-season items for the warm months. Chiffon sundresses, silk scarves and bright open shoes like sandals, slingbacks and peep-toes are ideal bargain finds in the winter. Of course, if you live in a climate that doesn't have four seasons, the off-season shopping will be a bit harder for you. But don't despair- I promise the bargains will still be had. Avoid buying anything too trendy if you're shopping off-season because the chances of it being in style in nine months or a year down the road aren't always so good. Stick to basics and wardrobe staples and you won't go wrong.

Since it's Shoesday Tuesday, I'm going to focus on some bargain off-season shoe finds for you today. For starters, look for sales in addition to the discount prices. For example, while shopping over this past weekend, I went to Nine West. They had an amazing pair of summer heels marked down from $59.99 to $39.99 PLUS they were offering an extra incentive- buy one, get one half off. So, for a little less than $60, I could have two amazing new pairs of shoes. I managed to exercise restraint, but it was pretty hard considering what amazing shoes these were. I can't find them online, and I didn't take a picture in the store, so you'll have to trust me when I say these were not only fierce strappy sandals perfect for just about ANY summer outfit, but they were incredibly comfortable- seriously, they were the kind of shoe I can stand/walk in ALL DAY without major pain. Just talking about them now is making me regret not getting a bright, colorful pair and a neutral. Honestly, what was I thinking! The only thing that will rectify this situation is if you all manage to find amazing off-season bargains to make up for my loss!

To start, check out these metallic sandals from Nine West for sale online for $34.99, plus an additional 20% off at checkout!
Stunning, right? Also available in white/buff and black, all of which would make excellent staples for next summer's wardrobe. They also still have plenty of sizes and widths available (narrow, medium and wide), but they probably won't last too long. Depending on where you live, a style like this might even get you through Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Another great spring/summer shoe is the hurachi. Payless' open-weave ballet flat style is perfect for warm weather:

At $13.99, it's hard to pass them up. But with their current BOGO sale, you could get these hurachis, PLUS these fun faux-snake skin strappy heels for less than $20 TOTAL! (Only $17.49, in fact!)

These snake skin heels are a mere $9.00 right now, and as if that isn't good enough, after the BOGO deal, they actually end up being only $4.50- even less than my fabulous new Ann Taylor Loft skirt! Take advantage of any additional discount you can find. Look at the Sunday paper to find out when the sales start. Don't throw away your coupons, either- you'll regret it in the end. It's always so satisfying when you can get an additional 10% or more off your already discounted shoe choice! DSW is great about sending out coupons, and they have a lot of great shoes that are heavily discounted right now. With an additional 10%-25% from your coupon, these shoes are less than a lunch out with your girlfriends:

Who doesn't love a Madden Girl embellished faux snake skin wedge? At this price ($14.94 marked down from $60)? Crazy people, that's who! And what about these lovely flat gladiator sandals?

Combined with the wedges, these girly gladiators aren't even enough to get you the free shipping option on DSW.com because you have to spend $35 to qualify! ($14.94+ $19.94= $34.88 BEFORE your coupon discount!) Oh well, I suppose you'll also have to get these lovely (and bright) wedges so you can take advantage of free shipping:

Also available in hot pink and black, these CL by Laundry wedges are an ideal summer staple. Get 'em in all three colors if you like! I promise you'll wear them!

Once you've filled your closet with summer shoes, mark your calendar for six months from now and then don't forget to remind me to write a blog post about winter shoe bargains!

Happy Shoesday Tuesday, everyone!

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Beth said...

Darn it! I love each and every one of the shoes you posted. I may have to make a purchase...

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