Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Going the Distance in Major Platform Pumps

Go Fug Yourself has been having a field day on Drew Barrymore's tour attire. She's out promoting "Going the Distance" her new movie with Justin Long. And while I find their commentary on her clothing very amusing, I found myself distracted by a certain pair of Drew's shoes. Distracted in a GOOD way, that is.

Perhaps they are these lovelies by YSL:
But Drew isn't the only one sporting the grey suede pump:


Malin Ackerman

One of the Olsen twins

Posh Spice (although, she seems to have OD'd on the grey overall)

While beige patent was the "it" platform shoe of spring and summer, it seems the grey suede will be the star for fall. After all, look at all the different looks seen in the pictures above. The grey shoes work for each and every one of them! Want a pair of your own? In a perfect world, I'd like the YSL pair, but my bank account does not allow for such extravagance. Instead I shop for the "look for less." And I share it with you! Here you go:

Go Jane, $30.40

I think my faves are the ones from Urban Original. Definitely the best price and also the most similar to the YSL. I think I can get on board with this trend!

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Maria said...

OOh, thanks for posting those! I've been coveting those shoes as well!

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