Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Project Runway: Season 8, Episode 4

WIN: Michael
AUF'd: Kristin

Honestly, you know I've had a rough week, when an episode of Project Runway airs and I don't manage to blog about it immediately! I'm sorry this is so late, but doesn't the saying go, "better late than never?" I'm banking on that. Anyway, last weeks episode was an exciting one because of the artistic element involved. A PHILIP TREACY HAT! Holy cow.

My favorite episodes often center around a prestigious guest judge- Bob Mackie was probably my favorite of all time, but Philip Treacy is pretty exciting, too. Remember SJP's outfit for the premier of the first SATC movie? She wore a Treacy hat with an Alexander McQueen dress. It doesn't get much better than that. In case you forgot it, here it is:

I think that if I were on Project Runway, a challenge like this would kill me. It is SO hard to take such a statement piece like a Philip Treacy hat and create a garment that can stand with it, yet avoid competing with it. They have to be the perfect complement to each other and just thinking about that challenge is enough to blow my mind. Fortunately, some designers minds were not too blown by the challenge and they managed to not only succeed, but to excel. First up, the winner:

Can you believe he actually threw an entire dress out and started over? I love it when the underdog wins! Time will tell if he actually is an underdog, or if this was merely a lucky week for Michael. Another top design for me was Andy's design. He wasn't in the top or bottom three, but his design still stood out for me:

I suppose it's a touch costume-y, but the color of the dress against the hat just really worked for me. Another top look (for the judges AND me) was Valerie's. Are you all feeling as sorry for her as I am. Every week she's in the top, but she just can't catch a break and get the win!
I think Valerie had one of the most difficult hats to work with, since it was more of a mask than a hat. She nailed it, though. I've got my fingers crossed for her to get a win this week. It's her time! Now, can I get a show of hands for who was surprised that the judges hated Christopher's design? Me, too! I was shocked! In case you forgot, here it is:
When this look turned the corner onto the runway, I died. I loved it! I understand what Michael Kors said about the satin leggings, but other than that, I love this look and I think it works flawlessly with the hat. But I suppose that since Philip Treacy didn't like it, it doesn't actually work as well as I think. I also find it hard to believe that there was any comparison between it and April's look. Can we talk about the diaper shorts for a minute? No, strike that- they're the LAST thing I want to talk about. Especially since she didn't get eliminated. Ugh.
One word: Ew.

Do you really think that hideous monstrosity deserved to stay and Kristin's black and pink dress deserved a trip home?
I'm not saying this look is amazing, but it's not a pair of booty shorts that look less flattering than a diaper. Just sayin'.

What do you think? Was this episode as good as the Mackie episode? Leave a comment- you know I love them!


Maria said...

I know people all over the internet are trashing Michael's design, but I liked it. I loved the color, and how it worked with the hat - flowy against a structured hat. I thought the diaper should go instead of Kristen's dress, too. hve you noticed that this season the judges seem to be pushing for what's currently fashionable instead of more forward-looking designs?

Tim W. said...

I was sad that Valerie didn't win this one. I LOVED her design, and it was so well thought out, with small touches that evoked a Renaissance masked ball balanced with modern elements that kept it from being costume-y or gimmicky. As soon as the model turned the corner I thought of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet, and I mean that in the most positive way possible.

As for Kristin's dress, she absolutely deserved to go home for that. It was just plain ugly, and not particularly well-made. Was it worse than the diaper, maybe not, but I have no issue with Kristin going home for recreating Starr's Banana Reublic dress from Season 1, which also sent its creator home. I think hers was a perfect example of the hat intimidating the designer, as you suggested.

Here's an interesting idea for a challenge: contestants must choose a "losing look" from a previous season, and remake it into something Runway worthy. It would be fun to not only revisit some of the Runway disasters, but to see how a different designer brings a fresh perspective to it!

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