Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fall Fashion Trends

It has been requested by some readers that I talk about fall fashion trends. With NYFW just around the corner, I think that is certainly appropriate. I am looking forward to seeing what comes down the runway, but until then, there are a few trends we already know will be hot this fall.

For both men and women, military-inspired clothes are everywhere. This trend may not feel really new and that's because it's not- it was hot last fall as well, but the thing about fashion is that some trends stick around longer than others. They often start solely in the high-end, designer collections, and then they gradually trickle down to more affordable places and eventually you start seeing them on the discount rack. Right now, the military trend is about in the middle- you can find it everywhere- from ultra expensive, high-end, all the way down to bargain versions from Forever 21 and H&M. When we start seeing it in the clearance bin (and nowhere else), you know it's on the way out.

The military look is ideal for just about any body type because it is so structured and tailored that it looks good on everyone. Some of my favorite military-inspired pieces are dirt cheap at Forever 21:

Each and every one of these affordable jackets would make an excellent fall/winter layering piece. Pair any of them with a structured trouser or pencil skirt for the office. If you have a suit, pair one of these jackets with the bottom half of the suit and you'll give it an instant update. Or pull out those short shorts you've been sporting all summer, layer them over a pair of opaque tights and finish the look with a military jacket, oxfords and finally some fun accessories:

For men, the military look can be even easier to achieve. There are so many military styles available in shirts, blazers, jackets and all varieties of outerwear. For starters, I love the laid-back vibe of this jacket:

Fleece Military Jacket, Banana Republic, $79.50

So many shirts out there have interesting military details like flap pockets and epaulettes. I especially like this one:

There are plenty of both light and heavy weight outerwear options for the gentlemen, too:

For men, you can often find great actual military pieces at thrift shops, vintage stores, even Ebay. A touch of authenticity adds a nice punch of character to an outfit and you can often find vintage and second hand pieces for a lot less than you can if they are new in stores. Sometimes they require a trip to the dry cleaner or a spin through the wash before you can wear them, but it's worth it.

And many of you may already own a military-inspired jacket- a pea coat! Pea Coats never go out of style and are also flattering on many body types. Ladies, look for ones that have flattering seams and aren't too boxy. Men, look for solid construction and good tailoring, too.

Insulated Wool Pea Coat, Land's End, $149.50

I think this Land's End coat is gorgeous. And it's available in three colors (black, navy and grey) as well as regular, petite and plus size!

Wool Blend Pea Coat, Express, $228

I love this pea coat from Express because it not only has the military-style buttons, it also has epaulettes on the shoulders for an extra military detail.

For military style on-the-cheap, just buy a handful of metallic buttons and sew them onto a plain jacket. Or go military with your accessories:

Aqua Military-Inspired Cap, Bloomingdale's $34

WCM Military Inspired Belt, Bloomingdale's $68

The possibilities are endless, so just take a look around and see what you like. Look for pieces that are versatile and you can't go wrong. Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Lorena said...

I like military style.
But done officer like - not camouflage !

Maria said...

The military look is not my thing - I look better in less structured silhouettes - but those jackets are really cute. I saw something similar at Target last weekend.

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