Sunday, August 15, 2010

Forget blondes- it's the red heads who have the most fun

Or at least look the most stunning on the cover of a magazine (or two):
While just about everyone the world over is raving about Joanie's cover of British GQ, I'm more of a fan of her look on the cover of Health Magazine:

I like that it's a more natural look. The GQ one is so stylized, not to mention completely designed with men's preferences in mind. The Health cover is not only stunning, but Christina's look is one most women would be thrilled to achieve. I also appreciate that a woman with real curves is all over the media these days. Sometimes the fashion magazines talk about Beyonce or J.Lo as being "real women" because of their curves. As if.

The Health magazine cover is also a good lesson for all you women out there who may have doubted the amazing qualities of the wrap dress. Many many moons ago, I wrote a post about DVF's invention and its virtues. They hold true, still. And if you're interested in the Health magazine interview, you can find it here. And if you're interested in some of my other favorite Christina Hendricks/Joan Holloway (Harris) looks, enjoy:

(My fave!!! Love love love the asymmetrical hemline)

And since there's just too much to focus on for fashion for all of YOU, I've decided to finish this post with fabulous wrap dresses a la the Health Magazine cover for you AND fabulous fitted sheath dresses a la Joan Holloway. Enjoy!

Short-sleeve Wrap Dress, Target, $39.99

Black Halo Shannon Sheath Dress, Saks Fifth Avenue, $390

Knit Tweed Sheath Dress, Ann Taylor, $148

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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