Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Abbey Road Videos and HairDo Review

As if opening night isn't stressful enough on its own, this particular show was fraught with even more anxiety since the entire show was filmed that evening. It's mostly for archival purposed, but the theatre brings in a 3 person camera crew who edits it together afterwards, so it's more than just a straight-on shot the entire time. A bunch of cuts were posted on youtube this week, so I thought I'd share some of them with you.

First up, "Hard Day's Night." I want to show you this because of the fabulous grey suits I chose for the men in the show:

At this point in the show, their suits are in the more "disheveled" stage- most of them have loosened their ties, removed their jackets, rolled their sleeves up, etc. But you can still get an idea of what the suit itself looks like on Todd (singing lead). The suits came from H&M and were very affordable- only $99 for the jacket and $49 for the pants. We had to perform some minor alterations like taking in the waists and hemming the length on the pants, but overall they have a really nice, slim fit. I also liked that they have a nice sheen to them- almost like a sharkskin suit, but not quite that shiny.

Next up is Blackbird, performed by Michelle. She's a regular performer at AMT and for this show I got to put her in some really spectacular gowns. This particular gown is beaded from top to bottom and looks really beautiful under the lights. I don't think the video really does it justice.

Did you happen to notice her hair- probably not, but if you did, you saw that it's about shoulder-length. Well, in act 1, it's all the way down her back. You can see it in this video of "Maxwell's Silver Hammer." Skip to about 1:45 to see her hair if you like:

Looks pretty great, right? I actually used Jessica Simpson's line HairDo to achieve the long, 70's-era locks on Michelle. I purchased it at MaxWigs and it wasn't cheap- $89 for synthetic, but it was worth it. The color she's wearing is "Sandy Blonde," but there are plenty of other color and style options available. The great thing about the HairDo line is that it is intended to work with your own natural hair. You pull the hair at the crown up and out of the way, then you use the clips that are sewn into the hair piece to secure it in place. Let your own hair down over the top of it and it's a perfect seamless blend of natural and faux hair.

She dances a LOT in the show and the piece has never once even started to come loose, so you know it's quality. Here's a picture of the hair in action:

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I highly recommend the HairDo line. I own the bangs myself, and after seeing how great this piece has worked out, I'll probably use more pieces in shows in the future. Have any of you ever tried this line? What do you think of it? Would you ever wear fake hair in real life? It's one thing to do it on stage, but another thing entirely to pull it off in real life. I've done it, so it's definitely possible! Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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Maria said...

My problem is too much hair that wants to be too big and curly and poufy, so I can't imagine ever needing to add faux hair! But hers looks perfect and natural, so it looks like a really nice product.

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