Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shoesday Tuesday- Boots in the Summer?

Not too long ago, my friend Melanie asked me about wearing boots in the summer- what boots are appropriate, what boots are not? She also sent me a picture of her pair of Frye boots that literally made me drool:

First of all, the color of these boots is amazing. I'm totally in love. Now, to answer her question: are these appropriate summer boots? Yes, they are. I love a floral sundress paired with boots- it's a fun juxtaposition of feminine and masculine and it shows a little bit of a quirky personality. I'm sure you remember Andrea's cowboy boots from earlier this year- they are another perfect example of summer boots.

I think that for a boot to qualify as "summer" appropriate, it should not be too heavy. Keep the colors light, the materials not too thick or heavily lined and the coordinating outfit sufficiently summer-y as well. But the bottom line is that if you are comfortable wearing the boots in the summer, then I think they qualify. I'm a huge fan of incorporating my summer clothes and accessories into my winter outfits and the reverse should be true as well. The only rule in fashion is: there are no rules! If it looks good and- more importantly- you feel good in it, then go for it! But if you need a bit of guidance- here are some "summer boots" inspired outfits for you:

I love this look because it's a little quirky and light-hearted. The cowboy boots are a little ironic in that they're a little over-the-top with the embellishments. But the rest of the outfit is so casual, it really lets the boots stand out a little bit more.  But as much as I like the outfit, I couldn't ignore Melanie's amazing boots- I just HAD to make an outfit with them:

Honestly, the possibilities are endless- so go through your closet and pull out your favorite boots. I guarantee you'll find a way to wear them before the snow starts falling!


Beth said...

I beginning to be OK with the whole boots in summer look. I love the sundress with them.

Totally Inspired said...

I think I'll pull mine out too.. I wish I had a different pair, but the ones I have will just have to work!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Those are my boot! I missed this post! But after your advise I did wear these boots with many dresses! I even paired them with a cute jean skirt and flirty tank!

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