Monday, July 19, 2010

Rocky Corner Soapworks

This is a fashion blog and I do tend to stick to things like clothing and shoes, but every now and then I come across something so great that even though it's not technically "fashion," I still have to share it.

As you all know, I am currently taking a quick vacation at home in New Hampshire, visiting family and friends. I am staying with my family and while I've been here, my mom convinced me to try a new soap she's been using. It's made by a local artisan and the company is called Rocky Corner Soapworks. I have tried handcrafted soaps in the past and never been all that impressed. Until now.

First, a brief background: I am the kind of person who moisturizes daily. I like having soft, healthy skin. In the winter, I moisturize more than in the summer, but it is definitely a year-round practice for me. I also tend to use commercial products with fragrance. For me, it's a nice double-whammy. My skin is soft AND it smells good. Anyway, today I stepped out of my typical routine and I chose to use the Rocky Corner Soap ONLY. No moisturizer. My skin has never felt so soft. It's literally like silk. I couldn't believe it. I said to my mom, "I need to go buy some of that soap for myself TODAY." She was kind and took me there and I bought over a dozen bars. I plan to keep several, give a bunch away and maybe if you're lucky, next week I'll host a giveaway for one or two bars.

I asked about why the soap was so fabulous and it was explained to me that handcrafted soaps do not remove the glycerin in the process. Commercially made soaps are not only filled with harsh chemicals, dyes and perfumes, but they are also decidedly lacking in glycerin. The large soap companies treat the glycerin as a by-product and remove it from the soaps. Then they use the glycerin to make things like- you guessed it- lotions and moisturizers. With handcrafted soaps, the glycerin remains in the soap. What does glycerin do? Well, it attracts and retains moisture in your skin.

Anyway, enough propaganda- do the reading about handcrafted soap for yourself here. All I can tell you is that there is such a dramatic difference in my skin after just ONE use, that I knew I was going to keep using this soap. My mom told me that most winters she gets dry, cracked heels, but this past winter using the Rocky Corner Soap, was the first winter in years that she didn't have cracked heels AND she didn't use moisturizers or lotions. Amazing, right? I've had occassional dry patches of skin, but I've never had to deal with chronic dry skin or xerosis, but I imagine that someone who does deal with that would be thrilled with these soaps.

I am honestly not trying to just promote this business- I truly loved the product when I tried it. And yes I paid for the soap I bought today, so this is not an endorsed post in any way. Give it a try if you like- the scents are mild, but pleasant. My favorites right now are Pomegranate Peach and Tranquility with a Twist. The Pomegranate Peach is self-explanatory (it's a mild fruity scent), but the Tranquility with a Twist requires a bit of explanation. It's infused with lavender, peppermint and rosemary. The result is very refreshing in a sweet, herbal way. I'm diggin' it.

That's all.


Beth said...

I love hand crafted soap. I think it looks so cute the in powder room for guests- kind of like an updated version of those rose shaped soaps all our grandmothers had.

Maria said...

I love handcrafted soap too! I'm definitely going to check out their site.

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