Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summertime Hair

It has been very humid for the last few weeks, which isn't too difficult to deal with, except for the fact that I'm currently trying to grow out my hair. It's down past my shoulders now, but on hot, humid days it is really annoying. So lately I've taken to pulling it up or back, but in an effort not to be completely boring and mundane, I've been sporting a messy side bun. I start by parting my hair to the side, then I sweep it all into a low bun on one side. I've also been adding big flower clips or little feather fascinators to them for a little added pizzazz. It looks far more interesting than a basic ponytail, but it's just as simple to execute. Trust me, I have ZERO hair-styling skills, so if I can handle it, anyone can. While the messy side-bun was more of a trend LAST summer, I didn't really participate then. My hair was too short. But this year I'm sporting it nearly every day. A few examples:

I am loving the braid in this last one.

Not all side buns are as successful as they need to be. (Even the last one whose braid I love, is a bit too much of a mess- sort of reminds me of a bird's nest. Not a good thing.) To successfully pull of the side bun look, make sure you keep it low and just a bit tousled. Or if you are going for the sleek look, make sure the bun is as sleek as the hair. If you have slicked back hair, but a messy, tousled bun, it will look disconnectd, almost as if you are wearing a fake piece of hair. (Which I do all the time- more on this topic in a bit.) The same is true of the reverse- too neat a bun on a tousled head of hair will appear disconnected and fake. If you place it too high, it will look like Minnie Mouse lost an ear, so be very careful with placement, too. Case in point:

Be consistent with the texture and keep the placement low and you'll be able to sport the side bun with confidence. If your hair is too short for a nice, full bun, consider adding a piece or two. I do it all the time and no one is the wiser. Seriously- it's amazing what people will think is my real hair. Sometimes I use a Fun Bun:


I believe the model in this photo may be wearing two fun-buns layered on top of each other. Trust me, all you need is one. It will do the job. Another piece I like to use is also from EasiHair and it is called "Magnetic." A "Fun Bun" is essentially a scrunchie made out of synthetic hair. You pull your own hair into a tight bun ad wrap the Fun Bun around it a couple of times, then fluff and pull the pieces any way you like until it's styled to your satisfaction. The "Magnetic" piece is similar, but instead of hair attached by elastic, the Magnetic is a hair comb with two bendable metal wires coming off each side. The wires are wrapped in hair, so you can easily bend and mold them into whatever shape suits you. Just the other day I added my "Magnetic" hair piece to my low bun and fooled everyone at the party.

Do you ever consider wearing fake hair? It can be somewhat liberating. Try it, you might like it! But what you will likely enjoy even more? Sportin' a side bun, of course!

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