Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shoesday Tuesday- Still focusing on the guys

My BFF Beth called me not too long ago complaining about a man she'd seen on the street wearing a dark suit with light tan shoes. While I am an advocate of mixing up color, she said that this combination actually made him appear to have clown-feet. She said his feet were rather large and the strange color shoe choice just did not work.

Honestly, I completely understand where she's coming from. While buttery-tan oxfords are all the rage right now for you guys, it doesn't mean you get to wear them with whatever you want, particularly if your feet are over size 11. The thing about this trend is that it's a spring/summer look that needs to be paired with a spring/summer suit. Think khaki and seersucker- light weight suits in light, summery colors. Avoid dark suits like black, navy, or charcoal if you want to sport the light-colored shoe. And in the cooler months, do the opposite. It's very outdated to actually match your shoes to your pants, so wearing a different color is actually a good thing. Just be certain to mix the colors appropriately for the season and for your physique.

One person who wears contrasting shoes very well is Bravo TV personality Andy Cohen. If you ever watch his reunion specials with the Real Housewives or his late night show Watch What Happens, you may have seen some of his suit/shoe combinations. Here are a few examples:

Just a couple of weeks ago, he wore a pair of buttery tan oxfords with a light, summery suit and it looked fantastic. Too bad I can't find a picture of that look! But I think you get the idea. Maybe tomorrow we'll get back to women's clothing and accessories!

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