Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rate My Look- I'm a shoe addict

I went to the mall yesterday and bought another pair of shoes. I seriously have a problem. I can think of nothing I need less than a new pair of ridiculous shoes and yet there I was swiping my debit card for these beauties:

Originally $99, I ended up scoring these Steve Maddens for $34.39 after 2 hefty discounts and a $10-off coupon I got in the mail. In my defense, I tried VERY hard not to buy them. I even left them in the store and continued shopping around the mall. I got very lucky at H&M and bought a top I thought was selling for $12.95, except when it rang up, the price turned out to actually be only $4.95! I thought that would be enough to satisfy me for the day, but I had that feeling you get when you know you just have to have something. I debated and sweated it out for a while until finally just doing it. After all, at $34.39, they really were worth every penny. And since they are close-toe pumps, I'll actually be able to wear them into the cooler months as well. The only unfortunate thing about the purchase is that I felt an immediate need to wear them as soon as I bought them, which I did. Why is this unfortunate? Well, I'd also dropped about $45 on a pedicure earlier in the day and these shoes completely hid my fabulous new nail color! But I think the outfit worked despite my hidden toes (and I can wear sandals today):

I don't often have buyers remorse because I rarely buy something that I don't wear. I'm not afraid to wear the same outfit multiple times, so that also helps justify my purchases. The cost-per-wear argument is often a strong one. And I always go by the rule that if I can walk away from something without looking back, I know I didn't really love it or need it. If it pains me to walk away (as it did initially with these shoes), then I know I have to go back. And of course no matter how I feel about a dress or a  top or pair of shoes or earrings, it's important to live within my means, and sometimes that means walking away even though it nearly kills me. Fortunately, yesterday I didn't have to walk away. Judge me for my consumerism if you must, but in this economy, any stimulation we can offer will be a good thing. Look at it this way: I helped that sales lady earn a bit of commission, which she may turn around and spend which in turn will help someone else earn their paycheck and so on, so in the grand scheme of things, I'm just doing my part to turn this recession around. Really, I'm a humanitarian. In fierce purple shoes.  

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