Thursday, April 1, 2010

Food blogging is cool, but so am I!

I'm not a food blogger, but I secretly wish I was one. There are times when I plan to take a picture of my outfit, but instead I take a picture of.... dinner.

I've always been really into food and because I come from a family of decent cooks, I've always just assumed that I'm a good cook, too. Then I started watching Top Chef and I realized... umm, no.

I've also always thought that I'm a pretty good baker. I bake a lot of goodies and bring them to work. They aren't always pretty, but they are always tasty, and I'm happy enough with that. But there are some people who bake tasty AND beautiful goodies and I respect them a great deal. Ms. Humble is one such person. Her baked goods are simply stunning. I'm continually amazed at the incredible edibles she creates each day. It's really amazing. So, I'm going to stick with fabric as my medium.

Do not be disappointed in my pathetic dinner picture, friends, for even though I didn't get a picture of MY outfit today, I did get a picture of Andrea's outfit. I referred to her as my "boss" in the last post where I featured her, but the truth is that I was being a little manipulative. I wanted to spin the post around the whole "dressing for the office" theme. The truth is, before she was my boss, she was my roommate and my friend, and while we're no longer roommates, we're still really good friends. Good enough friends that she lets me take her picture at the end of a long day and put it on my blog.

Although, she looks pretty darn good for it being the end of the day, in my humble opinion. At the end of the day, my hair is deflated, my clothes are wrinkled and my face is all shiny. Color me jealous.

Anyway, isn't her outfit adorable? I had to put it on the blog, not only because it's super cute, but also because these boots have had me drooling ever since she bought them. I mentioned the other day that we took a trip to King of Prussia and shopped our brains out. The boots were one of Andrea's purchases and I've been so jealous ever since. I've been secretly wanting a pair of cowboy boots for a while now, but I didn't want normal ones. These are so fabulous because they're so tiny- like little baby cowboy boots. I love them!

If you're wondering if you could pull off this look, let me tell you that you can. And here's why: although these boots may seem like they stop at an unflattering spot on the leg, they actually have a fabulous detail that makes them very flattering on a bare leg. Take a closer look:

See the "V" in the front? That "V" is magical. It helps to lengthen the line of your leg, making these boots perfect to wear with a dress or a pair of shorts. I talked about something similar a while back when I posted about the ankle boot trend. I wrote about selecting booties that angle down from the back. Well, the "V" in these boots is the exact same principle, but it exaggerates the effect even more. Is that fabulous or what?

So what do you all think- do I need to go buy a pair of these boots for myself? Let me know what you think! And if you're interested in getting a pair for yourself, Andrea's came from Nordstrom. I checked their website to see if I could find them to link over, but I couldn't seem to find the exact ones. I did, however, find these, these, these, thesethese and these.  

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looks delicious!! xoxo

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