Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cool off with a Sundress (and some Lemonade)

I don't know about where you live, but around here the heat and humidity has been relentless. Every day I want nothing more than to wear as little clothing as possible. Since I want to avoid getting in trouble for indecent exposure, I instead pull from my stock of light, summer sundresses. Fortunately, I have many to choose from. Believe it or not, I've been wearing dresses so much that I'm actually looking forward to wearing jeans again. In fact, when I got to wear my white jeans yesterday, I was elated. But alas, today it was hot and humid and sunny again. I wore a strapless sundress to work today- a picture will come eventually. When a sundress is made of light fabric- both in terms of weight and color, it has a calming psychological effect that combats the heat and humidity. The effect is best when combined with an open neckline like strapless or spaghetti straps and of course, a loose, flowy fit. If it's as hot where you are as it is here in Central PA, then I recommend you do the same- try a light, flowy sundress. Like one of these:

Tea Stain Floral Dress, Maurices, $34

Chambray Sundress, Target, $24.99

Now go on, get out your lightest, flowiest sundress, put it on and go sit and relax with a big iced tea or lemonade and feel the heat just disappear. Well, it might not disappear entirely, I can't actually control the weather through fashion. But if I could, I think I'd be a bazillionaire! Until then, I'll keep wearing my sundresses and lathering on the sunscreen.

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Beth said...

I love the Walking Willows dress. It's very sweet.

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