Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hey Jules

Today my lovely and talented coworker Julie showed up to work in the most fabulous micro- mini I have seen in a long time. Julie is one of those cool chicks who wears quirky vintage dresses and outfits all the time. A lot of her pieces come from her mom's closet and are authentic period clothes. I can only assume from Julie's wardrobe that her mom was a pretty cool chick back in the 60's & 70's. So if Julie is always wearing cool vintage clothes, what makes today's outfit blog-worthy? Well, today's outfit shows off Julie's rather incredible set of legs. All too often, we as women are insecure about different parts of our bodies. So when I see someone wearing an outfit that so clearly demonstrates confidence and self assurance, I just have to applaud them. So raise a glass to Julie tonight whose daring sartorial choice sends a message to all women to be proud of how you look and to not be afraid to let the world know it.


Maria said...

You're right - great dress, fabulous legs!

ponytail wig said...

That dress is amazing!
You have a great taste!

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