Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rate My Look- I'm so lazy!!!

I'll admit it- I've been lazy. I've been wearing cute outfits nearly every day (in my humble opinion, anyway), but I've been super-duper lazy about photographing my outfits. I just haven't bothered. Don't you all feel so special? I feel comfortable enough to not even feel the need to make up a lie about why I haven't been posting more of my outfits on the blog. Really, you should be flattered.

Anyway, I bought some cute new pieces while I was on vacation. I couldn't help myself- there were bargains galore to be had! I'll try to cover them all over the next week or so, but it might take a while. For starters, check out this adorable chiffon top I scored at Marshalls for only $10:

I have been meaning to wear my white jeans more often, but every time I wear them I spill something on them. The first time I wore them, I got buffalo sauce on them. I washed them immediately and it came out right away. The next time I wore them, I dropped greasy Chinese food spare ribs on them. Once again, I was lucky and it washed out. (Thank goodness for Shout!) Today, I managed to drip salad dressing on my shirt, but the pants remained unstained for the entire day! Honestly, it was quite an accomplishment for me. (Side note: if you spill salad dressing or anything oily on your clothes, remove the stain using corn starch first. It actually absorbs the oil and helps aid the stain removal process.) But enough of that little glimpse into my horribly messy eating habits- let's move on to the outfit.

The top it SO comfortable and I love how feminine I feel in it. It has a built-in cami underneath, and the top layer it so delicate and flowy. It's a faux-wrap top with a tie around the waist. The v-neck is super flattering, but the cami underneath helps keep it demure. I felt a little bit South Beach-ish in this outfit, so I had to finish it off with my new purple pumps just to add a little quirky punch.

So now that you've seen a recent picture of me, I need your opinion. I've been growing my hair for a while, but lately I've been thinking of chopping it all off again. Something chin-length or a little longer. Opinions? Leave a comment!


Totally Inspired said...

That topis a great bargain find. The white jeans, although a perfect pairing with the shirt, they actually look a little big, like you could have gotten a tigher fit (just my thoughts).. But I looove white jeans nonetheless. And you look so cute in this outfit, definitely very South Beach-ish, lol. Purple pumps are a cute add!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Kameel- you are right. I've been dieting a bit and I think the jeans are a little looser than when I first bought them. I just looked at the first outfit I posted with these jeans and they definitely look a little tighter than in this post. Yay for dieting! :)

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