Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Accessories Anonymous: Gold Hoops

There are some things that every woman should have in her closet: a tailored trench coat, a little black dress, the right jeans for your body, to name a few. These staples, or investment pieces are items that should last for years, that are classic enough to pass the test of time, and well-made enough to handle the wear and tear over the years. It's okay to spend a little more on a classic investment piece because of how much use it will get.

Lately I've been thinking about getting a pair of nice, gold hoop earrings. Real ones. Gold hoop earrings are never out of style and they are the perfect finish to so many looks. They are versatile and sophisticated and worth the investment. But what hoops to get? How big should the hoop be? Narrow and dainty, or heavy and wide? It depends- the size and style of your hoops should match your own personal style. If you typically wear bold, loud clothing and accessories, then your hoops will probably work best in your wardrobe if they are on the larger side. And of course if the opposite is true and you tend to wear more basic, neutral clothing, then go with a more understated set of hoops. No matter what your personal style, I guarantee there is a set of hoops out there for you.

Some hoops are so versatile, they would work for nearly anyone or any outfit. These from Saks are that type. They are small, but well-made. They make a nice statement without being over the top.

The same style is also avaiable slightly larger:

And if you prefer, an even larger version:

Large 3-inch 14K Gold Hoops, Heavenly Treasures, $298
Some people prefer a hoop that is small in diameter, but is a little more substantial in terms of the shape. In that case, these next few pairs of hoops might be for you:

14K Gold Hoop Earrings, Amazon, $374.50

Honestly, hoops are so classic and versatile, there are literally millions to choose from. Find a pair that works for you and rock 'em!


Totally Inspired said...

definitely a staple item.. I run through them so often, that I just invest in the cheaper styles. I buy the same thing over and over again (or 4 pair at a time) cuz I like them so much. I find that NY&Co offer the best selection for cheaper, quality, sturdy gold hoops (and silver too, but the real silver will last longer than the real gold, in my opinon, lol)

Maria said...

I'm a silver girl, but I totally agree that hoops are a must-have item. I have tons of earrings, yet I turn to my hoops time and time again for the right finishing touch.

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