Sunday, July 11, 2010

Etsy Accessory for Men- Cuff Links

Remember the days when men wore French cuffs and cuff links? Well, if you're my age, you might not, because I certainly don't, but I'd love to see these accessories make a come back. I may be too young to remember a time when most men wore them, but I still admire the style. These days you can find a set of cuff links to suit just about any man. Whatever his hobbies, interests, profession, there is a set of cuff links out there for him. Some of the most intersting and unique ones can be found right on Etsy alongside all the other
beautiful handmade accessories we've come to love. Most are incredibly affordable as well.

For the earth-conscious man:

For the man who likes to travel:

Vintage Map Cufflinks, $50 (You choose the location)

For the coin-collector:

For the comic book lover:

(For the record, I'm not personally a fan of incorporating comic book characters into formal attire, but for the right guy, these comic book character cuff links might be a nice touch of whimsy.)

For the guy who loves photography:

For the military man:

For the meditative guy:

Personally, I'm a fan of these Steampunk style links:

And for the guy who likes to keep it simple, there's always initials or monogram links:

No matter what the preference, I can guarantee there are cuff links out there for any man. In fact, many of the Etsy artisans will make custom cuff links as well. I like the idea of cuff links because there aren't many menswear items out there that can be an interesting addition to a traditional suit. Even a tie that's a little too out-there will get you the kind of notice you don't necessarily want. Cuff links, on the other hand, are small enough to be innocuous so even the super-hero-inspired set will not cause an uproar at the board meeting. So why not go for it? Find a fun pair that works and spice up a simple suit next Monday morning.


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