Thursday, July 7, 2011

Help Me Out: What Is It With This Dress?

Seriously, every time I wear this dress, people LOVE it. (Click here, here and here to see it styled a little differently.) I'm not trying to brag or anything, it's just that I never expected it to be the one that makes people go ape. Seriously. Do you want to know how much people love this dress? Every time I wear it -and I mean every time- strangers on the street stop me to tell me how great it is. I made this dress over a year ago and when I bought the fabric, I knew I'd found a great print, but I had no idea how great. But is that it? Is it the print that is so great? Because I'll be honest- the shape is exactly the same as a lot of other dresses I've made, so it has to be something else that people are drawn to. Maybe it's the ribbon embellishments I've added to the shoulder and waist? I think people are strangely drawn to them, however I've always thought of them as being a little odd. When I added them to the dress, it was partly out of boredom (I needed to try something new) and party just to be a little quirky. I was really into embellished clothes at the time. Is it the color combination of grey, black and orange? It's a great color combo, no doubt, especially since it combines black and orange and yet is not at all Halloween-y. Right?

So, do me a favor and be honest- leave a comment and tell me what you think is the magic of this dress? Is it the print, the color combination, the embellishments, the shape, or everything together.Please let me know so that I can maybe make another dress or two that really makes people go crazy. Because I'll be honest- there's not much better for the ego than to be constantly stopped and told how fabulous you look. And of course it doesn't hurt my ego knowing I made the thing everyone thinks is so fabulous.


Maria said...

IMHO, it's two things. 1. The oversize print is something you don't see a lot of. It's gutsy and fab. 2. It's such a happy, fun dress, and although I don't know you IRL, you come across here as such a happy, fun person. Not everyone has the looks, personality and confidence to wear a look that bold without it wearing her. So, as Michael Kors would say, it's the right girl in the right dress.

And you do look great! :)

Style Journey said...

Well, the print and the shape of the dress are fabulous! But I think the unexpected ribbon embellishments are what make it a REALLY GREAT dress. You look wonderful in it!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Thanks for the feedback, ladies! It's good to hear some honest opinions from people who don't know me personally! :)

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