Monday, July 25, 2011

Meatless Monday: Vegan Clothing and Accessories

I'm skeptical when it comes to the whole vegan movement in terms of clothing. Often, I think it's a marketing ploy to convince us to buy cheap plastic at an insane price in the name of protecting animals. In reality, I think the plastic can be manufactured in a very environmentally damaging way, and I have to wonder if we're just choosing the lesser of two evils.

Do any of you feel the same way? Have you taken the time to find more reputable "vegan" clothing resources? I'd love to know what you've discovered, so please feel free to leave a comment. And in the meantime, check out these "vegan" items and tell me what you think of them:

Olive Naughahyde Belt, Herbivore Clothing, $40

Corduroy Pumps, Ahimsa Footwear, $35

Nu-G Perforated Fold-Over Vegan Satchel, Alternative Outfitters, $44

Comments are always welcome, particularly if the include suggestions on other quality vegan and/or environmentally conscious clothing and accessories! 


rothcomilitaryclothing said...

nice collection of vintage to wear this..

Maria said...

I feel the same way you do about vegan clothing -- crazy prices for plastic! But I admit maybe I'm missing part of the equation somewhere.

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