Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hydrangea Blue

I'm not sure if I never noticed it before or if it's just this year in particular, but the hydrangeas all over New Hampshire are a particularly vibrant shade of blue and have been for the last month or so. My commute takes me through some winding back roads and I see a lot of nicely manicured lawns. Hydrangeas have been in bloom for several weeks and I have been continually struck by the amazing color. I've even found myself searching in my closet for clothing that is as vibrant, but nothing seems to be able to equal the flowers I've been seeing outside.

I think it is the ombre shading of the actual flowers- it's a more complex combination than you might think at first glance. However, I thought these pieces were close enough in terms of color. If they aren't inspiration enough for you, I suggest you head to your local eye doctor and ask them to test you for color blindness.

Vintage Harper Dress, Anthropologie, $325

Kay, Bakers, $59.99

RD Style Silk Basic Tank, Piperlime, $58.99

Colorful Paintstrokes Skirt, Forever 21, $16.90

Whether you incorporate this bright blue color into your outfit with a dress, a skirt, a top, or even a small accessory, I promise you won't regret the cheerful addition. 

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