Friday, July 15, 2011

Project Runway Season 9- Almost Here!

If you follow the news about Project Runway, you know that Season 9 airs next week. I was checking out the casting videos for some of the season 9 cast and I think there are definitely a lot of personalities there. I'm a bit worried the casting directors focused more on personality and whether they had a good "look" for TV rather than trying to get a diverse group of incredible designers. Based solely on their 1-2 minute "casting sessions" videos on Lifetime's website, I predict Danielle Everine and Amanda Perna as the first two to be eliminated (P.S. Rumor has it the first episode will have a quadruple elimination). I also predict the top three to include Joshua Christensen, Becky Ross and Bert Keeter in the first episode with Joshua as the winner of the first challenge.

I wonder how much the judges know about the contestants before they see their work. In a perfect world, they would know nothing and could base their scores solely on the work they see that day. But I imagine it's more complicated than that, especially for Heidi. I'm looking forward to Michael Kors saying things like, "She looks like a rodeo clown from the 13th century," and for Nina to roll her eyes at contestants who talk too much about their inspiration, but don't actually make anything inspiring. Also, should we start taking bets on the level of Michael Kors' tan? Last season, he was more orange every week. I can only imagine how much worse it's gotten. But enough about that- I can't wait for Tim Gunn to say things like, "There's no joy in this. Where's the exuberance?" I love when he says "exuberance." I also love when he frowns and holds his chin in his hand. He's awesome. (And he once said that I'm fabulous.)

Take a few minutes and watch some of the casting sessions yourself- then leave a comment and tell me who your favorite is so far. It's hard to tell with just a short video, but I like to see what my gut reaction is to each person before I see the slick, edited episodes.

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Maria said...

OMG! Tim Gunn said you're fabulous! (He's right, of course. Tim is always right.) That post must have been before I started reading you because I definitely would have remembered it! I also love it when Tim says to "follow your viscera."

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