Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another "Bouche Original"

I was running errands a few days ago and ended up at one of my favorite sewing shops- the Nimble Thimble. For those of you who live in the Central PA area, the Nimble Thimble is located downtown on Market Street and it is owned by the nicest couple in town. Seriously, they are so sweet. Their prices are fabulous, too. Sewing machine maintenance is less than $40 and they sharpen scissors for $3 per pair. Also, they guarantee that the scissors will cut beautifully or it's free. I was there picking up a handful of notions when I saw this really interesting fabric- the different shades of grey and orange drew me in. I got a couple of yards of it and threw this dress together later that afternoon. I've been making this same dress for weeks (as you all have seen and you're probably as sick of this dress style as I am), so I knew I wanted to do some small embellishment to make it a little different. The ribbon ripples kind of remind me of seaweed or a sea anemone or something, but ultimately, I really like them.

I also kept my accessories to a minimum- just my nude wedges and my baubles cocktail ring.

This is another perfect example of the print on the dress being the star of the show. Too many accessories would be overwhelming with a print like this one. Although, if I wanted to be a little more colorful with my outfit, a bright teal, blue or green shoe would be a fun addition to the look. Oh, well. Maybe next time, right? One of my favorite things about this dress is the pockets. I put pockets in my green and white skirt and was so happy I did. I also recently ADDED pockets to my green floral dress. I wish I'd put pockets in the black and white dress from yesterday except that I cut the skirt in one piece, so there are no side seams where I can add pockets. Anyway, pockets are the BEST and I wish every dress in my closet had them!
I still have one major project left before I'll be done making myself summer sundresses and that's to make a dress with the denim I bought on my trip to New York last month. I've gone through several design ideas, but I just can't seem to settle on one. I hope to work on it over the weekend so I can stop obsessing over it! Wish me luck!


Astroman said...
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The Cat and The Cow said...

Wow!!! This is GORGEOUS!!! Your talent astounds me! Beautiful! I love the color combo and the ribbon detail!

Beth said...

I love this whole outfit. You are so talented!

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