Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rate My Look: Shoesday Saturday & Weekend Watch Find

I got such a BARGAIN on a couple pair of shoes that I couldn't even wait until Tuesday to make it an official "Shoesday Tuesday" post. I also have some exciting news to share about my broken Kenneth Cole watch.

First, the shoes:

Both of these shoes are from Payless and both were huge bargains. The teal wedges were marked down to $13 and the grey satin pumps were marked down to $15. As if that isn't enough of a bargain, the BOGO sale was in full effect, so I actually got the wedges for only $6.50! Both pair of shoe for about $20! Hurray! I couldn't wait to wear them, so yesterday I put on my newly made orange and grey dress, and then finished off the outfit with the grey shoes and some turquoise earrings.

I realized when I was taking this picture yesterday morning that I rarely include my handbag in my photos. I admit, I don't change out my bag all that frequently. I tend to pick one bag and stick with it for weeks, or even months. For the last few months I've been using a black Coach bag, but yesterday I decided to switch it out for this knock-off bought on Canal Street in NYC last year. It's labed "Dolce & Gabanna" but on another trip to the city, I saw the exact same bag in another underground showroom and it was labeled "Valentino." Hilarious! Anyway, I'm never really concerned with my bag matching my outfit. In fact, if it contrasts a little (or a lot), I'm pretty happy. On a side note, there's a funny thing that happens when I wear this dress. Strangers on the street will stop me to say how much they love it (which is flattering, of course), but when they do this, about half the time, they feel compelled to reach up to the ribbon detail on my shoulder and touch it. It's so bizarre! It's one thing if I know the person, but a stranger? What is it about the anemone on my shoulder that people just HAVE to touch it? I don't mind- it really doesn't bother me, but I do find it fascinating.

In other exciting news, I have a new watch. Remember my Kenneth Cole watch that I loved so much, but then I dropped it and the face shattered and I was so devastated, but I didn't know what to do about it- fix it, trash it, buy a new one- so I just did nothing and now I've gone back to checking my phone for the time and that's just so annoying! (Almost as annoying as that run-on sentence, huh?) Anyway, I decided to stop back in at Kenneth Cole just to see what they had. Sure enough, the watch case had plenty of lovely watches, but none that were quite as perfect as my broken one. I was lamenting my situation to the saleslady and sort of describing the difference between my original watch and the ones available in the hopes that maybe she could offer some advice. She said, "Hold on just a minute. I'm going to call my manager in the back and see if we have any more watches back there." A few moments later, the manager came out holding the exact same watch I'd broken!!!! I just about died, I was so happy! And the cherry on top? It was marked down 40% off the SALE PRICE that I had originally paid. I ended up paying $38 (tax included) for the new watch, which is probably less than the cost of having the original one fixed. SO exciting.

It seems the shopping gods are smiling down on me right now. My Urban Outfitters oxfords, my Payless double-whammy bargain, and now the watch. I feel like my luck is really strong right now. Maybe I should play the lottery...


Beth said...

Love the shoes! Those teal wedges are fantastic! And that dress, as always, is super. Umm, make sure people's fingers are clean before you let them touch the ribbon detail.

Beth said...

Love both pairs of shoes. the grey ones look so lovely with that AMAZING dress.

Taylor said...

I own those wedges and I wore them so much more than I ever thought I would last summer! That dress is to die for, seriously.

Ashley J said...

Super cute dress that your it!

Totally Inspired said...

THA DREEEEESSS!! I want it sooo much!!! too too cute!

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