Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Have Good Reasons for Being a Blog Slacker...

You may have noticed a definite lack of regular posting this month. I want to explain myself, so you know I'm not just being a slacker. I had a LOT of important things to do this month, aside from managing the alterations department for one of the best bridal shops in the country smack in the middle of wedding season. I swear, I have SO much to share with all of you about working in this industry, but you will just have to wait until I have the time and energy to do it all justice.

Other than working, I have also been trying to enjoy my summer. So instead of fashion advice, today I'm going to share some pictures of me and my new friends and co-workers having a BLAST. Enjoy!

So cheesy. 

Batman, the Ride. It's awesome. 

Bizarro- the BEST roller coaster ever. 

Six Flags New England is a fun theme park, but it was even more fun for Juhree and I because we upgraded our day and purchased the "Flash Pass." The pass allowed us to go straight to the front of every line. It was amazing. Of course, it was a smidge awkward when we'd get to the front and they would literally stop the line, let us on the ride and then continue. We got some nasty looks, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. By the time we stopped for lunch, we had ridden EVERY roller coaster in the park. After lunch, we went back to Bizarro two more times and rode in the very front of the first car each time. It was AMAZING! If you've ever been to an amusement park at peak season, you know the lines get really long. Even though we were there mid-week, the lines were still pretty bad. Each ride we went on had a wait that was over an hour. Fortunately, with our "Flash Pass," We never waited more than 5 minutes and most times we didn't wait at all. I'll never go to a theme park unless I can upgrade to some type of "cut-to-the-front-of-the-line" pass. They are worth every penny. 

As if Six Flags wasn't enough fun, Sadie, Juhree and I all went to see Harry Potter again tonight. It was crowded enough in the theatre that you might have thought it was opening night. We were lucky to get seats in the center back- I was nervous for a minute we might have to sit in the front row. It all worked out, though. And afterwards, we had a lot of fun taking photos with the characters' posters: 

Sadie said, "You can be Harry since you have glasses." Clearly, I'm psyched. 

Sadie then said Juhree could be Hermione. I think she's got the part down. 

Of course, that left Ron for Sadie, which she wasn't too thrilled about. Hey, at least she wasn't Grawp. 

So, there you have it- not a lot of fashion, but lots of fun. And now it's nearly August. I'll try to be better about posting next month. I promise! 

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Maria said...

Glad you're having a fun summer! I'm looking forward to reading your take on this season of Project Runway. :)

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