Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm At Six Flags Today!

Today my awesome co-worker Juhree and I are spending the day at Six Flags New England. We recently discovered that we are both obsessed with roller coasters, so we purchased a couple of tickets, and even upgraded to "The Flash Pass" which propels us to the front of all the lines. We will likely be tired and sunburned tomorrow, but it will all have been worth it.

Even though we are there for the primary purpose of having a blast riding roller coasters, we don't want to look completely terrible. Fanny packs and goofy hats will not be part of our outfits. Cute shorts, tank tops and comfortable shoes will be the theme for this day.

For the perfect amusement park outfit, it's best to start with a pair of great shorts:

Denim Matelot Shorts, Forever 21, $15.80

Add a nice tank top or t-shirt in a light weight fabric and a color that's not too dark:

Pintucked Tank, Gap, $20

Select a pair of comfortable shoes. This is one case where I would choose comfort over style. However, if you can have both, go for it!

Chuck Taylor All Stars, Converse, $46

Cargo shorts are another great idea because the pockets are ideal for carrying your cash around with you. Otherwise, you may have to opt to carry a bag, in which case, a mini-backpack is the best option. Always go jewelry-free, with the exception of a watch. Earrings are a nightmare at a theme park, as are necklaces and rings. Finally, don't forget the sunscreen and remember to have fun! 

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