Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shoesday Tuesday- Awesome Floral Pumps

Picture this scene: a girl walks into a TJ Maxx on a bright, sunny summer evening. She walks towards the back of the store toward the bed and bath section. She's looking for a new shower curtain. On the way, she encounters these spectacular floral high-heel pumps:

This may not seem like a remarkable story. Until now: rather than place them in her shopping cart, the young girl resists the temptation, and instead of purchasing the shoes, merely photographs them for use on her fabulous fashion blog. Then she continues to the bed and bath section of the store, selects a shower curtain and continues on her merry way. If that isn't a story of amazing self-restraint, I don't know what is. 

I believe those heels may haunt me for many more days and nights to come. Something so pretty just HAS to be worn, right? I would LOVE to own those shoes, but I also know I own plenty of amazing shoes. Every now and then I try to resist my shopping urges. This one was really tough, but I survived to tell the story. 

Although, if I'm back in TJ Maxx in a week and they're still there in my size, I can't promise I'll exercise the same self restraint. I'm only human, after all.


Amanda said...

Nice self control!! I'd have to get them and than nude dress/tank/skirt to go with them. Or maybe a striped number...oh the possibilities.

Beth said...

Yes, the self-control is admirable. Yesterday, I DID NOT BUY a funky handbag (satchel style, black with yarn embroidery in a variety of colors in an abstract pattern all over, black leather trim) that was ON SALE for $30 at a funky shop in Portsmouth. There must have been something in the air encouraging restraint. I hope the wind shifts; shopping is fun.

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Amanda- that's just it- the possibilities! But I resisted.

Beth, I'm impressed you walked away from that bag. It sounds super cool. I hope the wedding planning activities went well yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I just bought a pair of shoes very similar to these at Marshall's for $20! I was not able to resist!

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