Monday, February 7, 2011

Rate My Look- Inspired by Sadie

There's a sales consultant at work named Sadie who has fabulous style. It's a very different personal style from my own and perhaps that's why I admire it. Where I tend to go for a softer look, Sadie can pull off the edgy, rocker chick look effortlessly. Hers is a wardrobe full of leather boots, skinny & slim-fit jeans and pants, studded tunics, etc. She once surprised me and wore a dress with a prim collar and full skirt. When I complimented her dress she said, "I thought I'd dress more like you today." Well, I decided to switch things up and try to put an outfit together that was inspired by Sadie's personal style. I didn't take it quite as far as she might have- with multiple metal bangles on her wrist, and a cool statement necklace. I figured since I was stepping out of my "zone," I had better go basic. 
Sweater, pants: TJ Maxx
Boots: Gap
Ring: gift

The silhouette is really what makes this different from the norm for me. A pair of black skinny pants? Not exactly part of my usual repertoire, but it felt good to try something different for once. When I thought about purchasing these pants, I had work in mind. I love wearing dresses, but there are days up here in good ol' New England when tights (even sweater tights) just aren't enough to keep me warm. I wanted to have some pants as options for when it's just too cold for a dress. Granted, it needs to be about 5 degrees (that's Fahrenheit, not Celsius) or colder to qualify as a non-dress day, but we've had a couple of those types of days this winter already. I'm sure we're due for a couple more before mud season (spring) rolls around. 

The pants are the same structure and build as a pair of jeans, but the fabric is a thick, stretchy black material that is both warm and comfortable. Tucked into my black boots, they don't look half bad. (Although, I did have to hem about four inches off the pants to make them the right length!) If the sweater was a hair longer, I'd be a little more comfortable, but even as is, I like this outfit.

As for my hair, I actually managed to get a bit of curl and volume out of it. If you know me, or have been reading this blog for a while, you know that it is my eternal struggle to find a way to make may hair big. I tease it, curl it, spray it to within an inch of its life and it never seems to want to cooperate. Well, I finally decided to get a new curling iron and that has made ALL the difference in the world. More on the details some other time, but suffice to say it's a life-changing curling iron.

So what do YOU think of my Sadie-inspired outfit? I wore it work and it seemed to go over pretty well. Even so, I always welcome your comments, whether complimentary or criticism. Have a great day, everyone!

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