Thursday, February 10, 2011

Big Reveal: Dress #2

Here it is, folks- dress #2! I do have to warn you about something, though. While you make think these are three different dresses I've made (the first one was revealed yesterday), the truth is that they are all the same dress. Yup. Hardly any differences between them except minor variations in details and of course, the most obvious difference- fabric. Dress #1 was a nice poly-blend in a purple/black/grey plaid. Dress #2 is made in red gabardine (not real gabardine, it's another poly-blend). Dress #3- which you'll see tomorrow if you haven't already hopped on over to facebook to see them all- was made using a light-weight grey suiting fabric, once again washable poly-blend. Ease of use is the theme when I pick fabrics. No joke. Dry cleaning? I'm not really into that if I can help it.

Anyway, enough jibber-jabber, here's the dress:

Yes, I'm in a library. The children's section, actually. Don't reprimand me- we got permission before we started snapping pictures. Anyway, enough about the location, let's talk about the dress. Aside from fabric choice, the major difference between this dress and the purple plaid dress is obviously the ruffle cape-let that accompanies this dress. The skirt is a smidge longer, too, but that's barely noticeable. The cape-let on the other hand, is hard to miss: 

Side note: How awesome is my friend Kate of the Studio Nouveau who took all these amazing pictures? I'll tell you- she's pretty freakin' awesome. Anyway, the other major difference between this dress and dress #1 is that this neckline is much higher. What's that, you say? You can't see the neckline? Oh, silly me- that's because I'm wearing the cape-let. Well, scroll down to the next picture and you'll see the neckline I'm talking about: 

It's not so straight across and wide as to be considered a boat neck or bateau, but it is significantly higher than the first dress. No cleavage will show at all with this one, which makes it pretty ideal for church, or reading books to young children, which is exactly what I did after Kate snapped these photos. This dress was fun to wear around the holidays, especially when I replaced the black patent belt with a sparkly silver glitter belt- so festive! 

Much like the purple plaid dress, this one also has pockets, but the zipper is not exposed. See? Minor differences, but essentially it's the same exact dress. Check back tomorrow for dress #3! 


Maria said...

Beautiful dress! I love the capelet option and that shade of red is so perfect on you!

Beth said...

These dresses you made are fantastic! Tremendously stunning. I love that purple plaid; it's unusual but totally work appropriate.

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Ladies, I'm blushing! lol

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