Friday, February 25, 2011

Normal Pants- they're not all bad!

I know I'm the first person to preach the virtues of dresses as the most comfortable and stylish fashion choice, but I want to dedicate this post to pants. They may not be my favorite garment, but I fear they may be on the fashion endangered species list. Have you seen the pants we have to choose from these days? It's not pretty. For some reason, harem pants, jodhpurs, mom jeans and all sorts of unflattering, high-waisted pants are all over the runways and the racks at Macy's. It's a sad state of affairs. I blame American Apparel.

Due to the severity of the current situation, I implore you, friends, to do what you can to help restore the numbers of mid-rise, straight leg, boot-cut and wide-leg pants available to the modern woman. Let's all start by wearing a fabulous outfit incorporating flattering pants in at least one outfit per week. Can you all get on board with that plan? In case you need some inspiration, I've created some Polyvore sets for you, all based on different pant silhouettes.

Wide-leg trousers are not the enemy, ladies. (Harem pants are the enemy.) Wide leg trousers are not only comfortable, but they are also very flattering. Do you have wide hips? A wide-leg trouser is your best choice for a slimming effect. Since they are a smidge masculine, pair them with feminine tops in light weight fabrics with girly details like ruffles and bows.

Of course, wide leg trousers (and jeans) aren't the only type of flattering pants out there. Boot cut is great too! Especially with- you guessed it-boots! They also work well with just about any heels- pointy, rounded, chunky, stiletto- you get the picture. Honestly, even a slightly wider bootcut- dare I say it?-a slightly flared leg can look great on the right person. Bell bottoms are a whole separate breed, but a little bit of a wider opening at the ankle? When did that suddenly become the enemy? I repeat: Harem pants are the enemy.

Once again, keep the styling of the top appropriately feminine- ruffles, lightweight fabrics, girly colors- you get the idea. And if you're afraid pants aren't going to be sexy enough, bare a little skin- an asymmetrical neckline that leaves one shoulder bare is a super hot option. Or go for a more open-back halter top. Maybe it's your fabulously toned arms that get to show or your well-defined collarbone- pick a spot and let it be the only bare section. A touch of skin showing will go a long way- trust me.

I feel as though skinny jeans have been covered on the blog, plenty of times, so I'll forgo the polyvore set there. But even without covering skinnies, I feel that boot-cut, flare and wide-leg trousers can all be quite flattering and we should try to wear them more. Are you with me? Go Team (Normal) Pants!

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Maria said...

I'm with you! High-waisted pants are awful on me -- I'm short-waisted to begin with. And harem pants... I'm old enough to remember their last go-round, and although I was a fashion victim back then, I did not, I repeat, DID NOT succumb to the harem pant.

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