Friday, February 11, 2011

Big Reveal: Dress #3

The grand finale- it's dress #3 of the "new dresses for work" series. I hope you've enjoyed it, but all good things must come to an end. This dress is almost exactly the same as the first two, with minor variations that mostly apply to the details. This dress has a scoop neckline that's deeper than the red dress, but not quite as plunging as the purple plaid dress. And to add a touch of visual interest, I added a little collar that dips in on one side. The collar is completely rounded, so to create the little dip, I just gathered the fabric together and stitched it in place. It's a perfect spot for a brooch- and I couldn't think of a better one to feature than my Autumn Kiss brooch from Tina Tarnoff.

Need a closer look? I thought so: 

Yes, once again, I made pockets for the dress- they're just so useful! Towards the end of the photo shoot, Kate (of the Studio Nouveau) and I got a little silly and I decided to sit down in the pile of autumn leaves. A lot of great photos came of it, and this one was my favorite: 

You dig? I don't even care what other people think because I absolutely adore this picture. Who knew I could look this great? Ah, the magic of an amazing photographer! 

Some more photos: 

This one is SO my senior portrait (a few years too late):

Well, there you have it, folks- the most recent additions to my canon of work. My goal with these three dresses was to create wearable pieces with a vintage flair- dresses that were suited to my personal style, but that also looked polished and professional and appropriate for work. I hope you like them and as always, if there's something you see that you want for yourself, just email me (reneetbouchard at gmail dot com) or check out my Etsy shop for more information. 

Happy Friday! 


Totally Inspired said...

Oh Renee.. I do adore your work.. and these dresses are so daggone charming!! love love loooove them!
Mrs Hall In Training

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Thanks, Kameel! I appreciate your support and encouragement so much! :)

Maria said...

Those dresses are all so flattering and pretty! You did a wonderful job fitting them perfectly. You look great (and I agree, that pic where you are sitting in the leaves is very, very pretty).

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