Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shoesday Tuesday- My Birthday Shoes

For my birthday, my mom took me shopping. She bought me a pair of shoes to match my birthday suit:

Get it? They match my "birthday suit?" Get it? 'Cause they're NUDE!!! I crack myself up. 


Alessandra said...

Ha, funny!
And they're gorgeous. Happy birthday.

kate said...

Happy birthday, Renee! No joke... I was *this* close to buying those shoes recently. At least now it's confirmed that I have good fashion sense :)

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Kate- I don't think your fashion sense was ever called into question, but I'm glad it was confirmed today! :)

Totally Inspired said...

i know Im late.. but Happy Belated Bday!!! .. I LOOOOVE those shoes.. Thanks MOM! (Oh, and tell her happy birth day too.. after all, she was the one givingbirth, lol .. thats what my mom always says)
Mrs Hall In Training

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