Monday, February 14, 2011

Rate My Look: Valentine's Outfit

Happy Valentine's Day! I didn't wear this outfit today- I wore it one day last week, but since it was so Valentines-y, I decided to post the picture on the actual hearts and flowers holiday.
Dress & scarf: Marshalls
Vest: Maurice's
Boots: Gap

My shiny face is reflecting almost as much of the flash as my shiny scarf. I promise neither of these are nearly as shiny in real life as they are in front of my little Kodak Easy-Share. 

But more important than my camera, is my fabulous ring. Want a closer look? I thought so: 

Yet another fabulous Etsy find has made its way into my accessories collection. I just can't help myself! And it's deep red color is SO appropriate! For more fun, red Valentine's-inspired pieces, visit my Valentine's post from last year! 

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! 

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