Monday, February 28, 2011

Rate My Look: Bright Tights

Yesterday I showed you different outfit ideas utilizing brightly colored tights. After clicking "Publish," I got dressed for work and decided to take some advice from the post I'd written. I decided to wear a pair of bright purple tights with- can you guess?- a simple black dress and boots:

Honestly, am I just the cutest thing ever in this photo (taken by the lovely Kerry)? In case you couldn't tell by the previous sentence, I suffer from high self-esteem. But seriously, there was another motivating reason behind creating this outfit yesterday. I woke up to an unexpected six inches of snow on the ground and flakes still falling steadily. I don't know how I missed the weather report warning me of the storm, but I did. If ever I needed a pop of springtime inspiration, it was then. I suppose that's why I also added the lovely purple flower to the outfit- the color wasn't enough of spring for me, I needed even more! 

And for some reason my photo editing software is not allowing me to crop anything. BOO! So you get to see a lot of wall space above my head in the photo above as well as my hands holding my dress up in this photo: 

It's times like these I wish I'd taken a computer course at some point in my life. Hey, I may not have the brains, but check out those legs! 


Anonymous said...

You look awesome!

Shannon said...

I love this look! You inspired me to pair a charcoal knit dress with purple tights and purple shoes today. My co-workers loved it and I felt good all day!

Anonymous said...

Amazing. I love purple tights! You look great!!

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