Sunday, February 27, 2011

Accessories Anonymous: Tights

If you're anything like me, you're dying for spring- not only for the sunshine and warm weather, but also for the different fashion choices that will be available. I'm dying for the days when I can wear sandals, sun dresses, even rompers. Unfortunately, the weather isn't exactly cooperating. It's still literally freezing weather around here, and likely will be until the end of March, so I have to find other ways to warm up my days.

One way to do it is to incorporate tights into my daily wardrobe- not basic black or dark brown or charcoal grey- but bright, colorful tights. I'm a fan of these color combinations:

From left to right:

- Pink tights with shades of grey- the feminine grey lace complements the girl-y ballet pink, but even a more business-like pencil skirt in literally any shade of grey will look just as pretty.
- Dark purple tights with black- Any shade of purple will do, actually- from the deep amethyst pictured above to burgundy or deep wine- they'll all look great with a simple LBD.
- Yellow with army green- It doesn't get much more sunshine-y bright than yellow, so tone it down with a muted army green.
- Red with... red- You all know how I feel about monochromatic, but to be honest, the best way to pull of red tights is with red everything else. No joke.
- Teal with brown- This is actually one of my favorite color combinations, but it also lends itself to a look with bright tights. The rest of the outfit is muted browns and just like with the yellow/green combination, the bright color pops against the earthy tones of everything else.

You can apply these color combinations to the entire outfit or you can keep it confined to just the lower half, namely the tights and shoes only. Either way, the tights will keep you warm and the bright colors will help you think spring. Need a great source for brightly colored tights? Try American Apparel and We Love Colors- both have a rainbow of options.

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Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Oooooh, I like all these combinations!

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