Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sexy Sadie

I work with some pretty stylish women and one of the things I truly enjoy about going in to work every day is seeing what everyone will wear. Unfortunately, many of them are pretty camera shy, so getting them to let me snap a photo is not an easy task. Lucky for you, the other day I was able to convince Sadie to let me snap her picture. Her outfit was too cute and I absolutely HAD to put her on the blog!

How fabulous is she? The fitted skirt with the super fierce boots and the sweet ruffles on the shoulders of her cardigan, but in the striking striped pattern and topped off with lots of bracelets and a cool cocktail ring. This girl knows how to accessorize. And as if the outfit weren't enough, get a load of this nail polish: 

Do you see the flecks of gold glitter in there? But it's not your typical tween-Barbie-doll-glitter. It's funky with different sized flecks that actually look like flecks of gold leaf or something. Awesome. But I'd expect nothing less from Sadie.

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