Saturday, February 26, 2011

Accessories Anonymous: Spring is coming...

Do you guys realize that it's less than a month till the official start of spring? For my birthday this year, my mom was very generous and bought me this Michael Kors leather handbag:

It's the most fabulous shade of kelly green (it looks a little lighter in the photo, sorry) and I think it is going to be the perfect bag for spring. In fact, a week or so after my birthday my mom asked me why I hadn't used it yet. When I told her I was saving it for spring, she said, "I don't know how you can wait that long! When I have something new, I have to use it right away!" Most of the time, this is true for me, too. But if you recall, I've been on a quest for the perfect bright green handbag for quite a while now. It all started back in October of 2009 and you can see the original post here. Nearly a year later in September of 2010, I found an amazing green bag, but it was right before I quit my job, so I didn't want to splurge at that time. Don't remember that post? It's here, if you want to read it again. About a month after I moved to New Hampshire, I found a job, and once again I blogged about the elusive green handbag. Don't remember? Visit here. Now, nearly a year and a half after the original pursuit began, I've finished my quest. And so I guess since I've waited so long, I may as well wait until spring- after all, it's less than a month away. 


Beth said...

PERFECT spring green. I admire your restraint. (Actually, I've not used my new used Cole Haan yet b/c the weather's been so lousy. Can't take that nice leather out in the elements!

EMY said...

BEAUTIFUL! So jealous.

I've just started a new fashion blog -

I'd love it if you could follow back :)


Anonymous said...

What is the name of the bag? My Grandmother wants it and I can't find it anywhere. thanks!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Anonymous- I found it at Marshalls, but I am unsure of the name of it. It was available in lots of bright, spring colors- yellow, orange, green, etc. I imagine it is from several seasons back since it was on sale at Marshalls about 6 months ago. Sorry for not having more info!

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