Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rate My Look- A Day at the DMV

Birthdays in New Hampshire not only mean cake and balloons and parties, they also signify a rite of passage for any and all auto-owners: car registration. Why the state chooses to ruin everyone's birthday month that way, I'll never know. Although, I suppose it does make it easy to remember. Anyway, I've been majorly procrastinating with transferring my car registration from PA to NH, but as my birthday approached, I realized I could delay it no longer. After an extra half hour getting ready, I was finally ready to head to the DMV.

Why so glammed up for the DMV? Well, as a new resident, that means new drivers license and that means my picture would be taken! The outfit isn't super important, since only the very tops of your shoulders show in that type of picture, but I still decided to spruce it up with the sparkly scarf and cashmere sweater in pale blue and pink. And yes, I spent an extra 20 minutes curling my hair, and another extra 10 making sure my make-up was perfect. In the end, I had to have the DMV clerk take the photo twice. The first one was SO unflattering. The second was great, though- I am actually smiling a big ol' smile in the photo. Once my license arrives in the mail, I'll try to show you all. 

After a trip to the DMV for the license, it was on to the registrar office to get my car registered, where I totally jumped on the NH vanity-plate bandwagon. Finally, after getting my car inspected, I was officially legal to drive in my new/old home state. In the end, I'm glad I spent the extra time on my outfit and hair/make-up. I have had a few too many terrible ID photos, but hopefully this one will set the bar for the future.

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