Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Have Found My New Handbag...

It's true- I've found exactly the bag I've been looking for. Or should I say "bags." There are three that are suitable choices. Actually, they are all the same shape and style, but the colors and textiles vary. Check 'em out:

All three of these beauties are currently on the 50% off clearance table at the local Coach Outlet. I stopped in for a moment just to look around and I fell in love. After the discount, plus an additional 25% off for making a $1 donation to breast cancer research, the price on these babies is a mere $108 plus tax. I did not buy one, but it took some serious self-restraint. I have decided to reward myself with a new handbag after I find a job, not before. (I'll keep all of you posted on that front just as soon as there is news to share.) My favorite is the grey, but I'm certain it would be a nightmare trying to keep it clean. The purple is also lovely and the green leather is just scrumptious. Inside the bag are three large compartments, a zippered pocket and slip pockets. These bags meet all my requirements!

Since I've forbidden myself from buying the bag, I suppose someone generous will simply have to buy it for me. What better gift for someone starting a new phase in her life and career, right? I thank you in advance, generous, anonymous bag-buyer. I'll look forward to the gift-wrapped package.


Beth said...

Okay, you've blogged about finding the perfect green bag. I think you should get it and carry it to the job interview where the potential employer says, "Wow, I love your bag!" and offers you the job. Then reward yourself with lunch... while carrying your great bag that shows how fashionable and sophisticated you are. Don't leave PA with any regrets!

(And while I LOVE the purple and gray, they look sort of similar to your pink Coach and black Coach. I say go for something a little different with the green leather.)

Maria said...

I agree with Beth - get the green bag and take it with you to your new life!

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