Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rate My Look

You've seen these pants, shoes and sweater before, but the top is new. It's from Anna Sui's collection for Target- the one inspired by the TV show Gossip Girl. I know absolutely nothing about Gossip Girl, so maybe one of you can tell me what about this top is Gossip Girl inspired? Is there a particular character who might wear something like it? Did I pair it like she would?

Here's a better view of the blouse:

It's primarily orange & brown with a bit of gold metallic thread woven in patches. I'll be honest- it's a little bit itchy as a result of the metallic thread. I tucked the top into my high waist sailor pants that I love so much, then slipped on my bargain Kenneth Cole black heels, added my favorite black cardigan and finally a pair of gold earrings given to me last year as a birthday present and my cameo ring:
(I can't figure out why the last two pictures won't center on the page for me. It's a little annoying.... )

It's hard to tell in the picture, but the blouse actually has a cool ruffle detail on the front, similar to a Victorian cravat or jabot. I guess that's why I felt inspired to wear the cameo ring- more old fashioned details! I got the ring at a big multi-neighborhood yard sale and I've been looking for an opportunity to wear it ever since. It only cost $2.50, but I think it's so cool! You know how I love my cameos! 

Perhaps the best thing about my Anna Sui top is the fact that it originally sold for $39.99 but I paid only $9.98! Bargain! Have a fabulous day everyone!  

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Wear Necessities said...

I hate when pics do that and wont center! Gorgeous blouse and ring! - Natalya of Wear Necessities

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