Saturday, December 12, 2009

I forgot about this outfit....

Jeans: Old Navy, $19
Top: Target, $8.98!!!
Shoes: Nine West, $19.99, I think
Shrug: So old I can't remember where it came from or how much it cost!

I think I'm losing my mind a little. I wore almost this exact same outfit one day last week. I can't remember which day, but I know I wore it because I took a picture in it. Well, apparently I forgot to post it on here. Weird, right? Here's the original outfit:

There are just a few subtle differences:
- I wore my hair up the first time, curled it the second.
- The shoes are different.
- I'm wearing earrings in the original, but not the second time.

I think I prefer the outfit the second time around, mainly because I prefer my hair down & curly. I get lazy when my hair gets to be this length. It's long enough for me to put it up in a clip or back in a low ponytail, so it seems like 90% of the time that's what I do. Shame on me for not paying closer attention to styling my hair! I'm not very good at styling my hair and I think that's part of why I get lazy with it. I've never been good at it, plus my hair never seems to want to cooperate with me. That's more than a little frustrating. I have very fine hair that has trouble holding volume of any kind. Curling it is the best way to get a little volume, but it's easy for it to get out of control. I often have to curl it, run my fingers through it and go. Anything more than that and I look a little crazy.

Anyway, leave me a comment and tell me what you think of the outfit and also if you have any tips for styling difficult hair. I'm really close to chopping it off because I don't know what to do with it, but if any of you have advice for how to style it better and, more importantly, with a little more variety, I'd appreciate it! Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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