Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shoesday Tuesday- an unprecedented event!

Some might say that hell froze over, others that this day was inevitable, but the point is this: yesterday I bought a pair of faux Uggs for myself- I call them "fuggs." I could never understand the appeal of those ugly boots! I saw people wearing them not only on the streets, but in fashion magazines! It was horrifying to me. Everyone kept saying, "Uggs are the best- they're so comfortable and warm!" I agree that they may be both of those, but aren't they also really expensive? And if I'm going to spend that much on a pair of boots, shouldn't they be comfortable and warm AND at least look a little bit nice? Anyway, yesterday I was invited out to Hershey Park for the evening with some friends. As many of you know, PA got quite a bit of snow on Saturday, and I figured I would need a pair of warm boots for hiking around the park on a cold winter night. There was a pair of tan Ugg-looking boots on sale at the Gap for only $23.99. Trust me, I'd been to several other stores and considered lots of other options before finally succumbing to the inevitable. I did, however, do my best to cover them up when wearing them as you can see in this picture:

You can barely even tell I'm wearing them at all! Anyway, the point is, my feet were warm and dry all night long, so in the end I'm happy I got them. I'm not sure that I'll be incorporating them into my daily attire anytime soon, but for all of you Ugg enthusiasts out there, I had to come clean.

Some other fun pictures from our adventures in Chocolatetown:

Me with antlers! (No comments about my nice "rack," please.)

Me and David enjoying a huge gup of hot cocoa before seeing the Christmas Show at the Music Box.

The "Kiss-mas" Tree

Hershey Bar & Reeses Peanut Butter Cups- two of my faves!

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