Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shoesday Tuesday (as promised) and... a GIVEAWAY! (Read on)

Good afternoon! I promised yesterday (in my first ever "via-phone" post) that I would share my fabulous shopping deal with all of you. I was at the outlets with my friend Jen yesterday- she was looking for boots- I was looking for nothing- and while she was trying on a pair of Kenneth Cole boots, I happened to see a cute pair of black heels. Now, you have to understand something about me. Due to my love for somewhat outlandish attire, I tend to overlook the basics every now and then. For example, I realized earlier this summer that I did not own an LBD. I'm not even joking! I soon remedied the situation, but I did find it sort of comical that something as iconic and essential as a little black dress was missing from my wardrobe. Anyway, back to my bargain find: I realized when looking at these basic black heels that I was actually missing them from my shoe closet. I have pink shoes, red shoes, yellow shoes, polka-dots, plaids, leopard print, baby blue, snakeskin- the list goes on- but I did not have a pair of simple but versatile black shoes. I own black shoes of course, but one pair has a cluster of rhinestones on the toe, another pair is simple, but is actually a relic from my days as an office worker, so they're super basic. I needed a great pair of black heels. And I found them at Kenneth Cole of all places for a mere $14.97! Originally $79, I had to get them. What do you think?

Super cute, right? In case the pictures aren't clear enough, they are a black patent peep toe with a matte leather and brass buckle detail at the toe and a stacked heel. The official label is "Tribeca: A Kenneth Cole Production." I'm in love. So in love that I wore them to work today. If you've been reading my blog (or if you live in the area), you know that it has been unseasonably warm over the last few days. Today was no exception, although it was a lot more cloudy than it has been and they are predicting rain for tonight. So, to be prepared, I wore a rain coat:

It's a vintage 60's mod-style jacket that I got at a second-hand store in New Hampshire several years ago. I believe I paid $35 for it. I remember talking the saleslady down from $45- yay for haggling! You can see my dress peeking out from the hem of the jacket- I just adore this dress. It really sums up my style in so many ways:

It's comfortable, flattering, bright pink floral fabric- I just love it in every way. It shows just enough leg without being too risque, but I do have to add the cami to keep the top half from looking completely obscene. I just happened to have the bright pink cami before I bought the dress, so I think that worked out perfectly. The dress is a couple of years old- I got it last summer (2008) and I have gotten a LOT of wear out of it. You may have even noticed that it's what I'm wearing in my blogger profile picture. The accessories today include my favorite turquoise cocktail ring, chandelier earrings from H&M and the necklace I won last week from Ruth Parker Jewelry. I didn't plan on wearing the necklace, but after I got dressed I checked my mail and sure enough there was a package with this inside:

And here it is on me with my pretty-in-pink outfit:

I hate how my face always photographs so shiny-looking. I swear I am the LEAST photogenic person I know. It doesn't matter where or when or how, but if someone takes a fairly close-up shot of me, my skin/face looks TERRIBLE!!! It's a bummer, but what can you do? Some people just photograph better than others.

And now for the exciting news for YOU. I have decided to pay it forward with my Ruth Parker necklace win. I think it's exciting to win contests and prizes, but isn't it just as fun to give away a prize to someone else? I think so! So here's how the giveaway will work. Leave a comment on this post (up to three comments per person) and at the end of the week, I will randomly select a winner who will receive the fabulous necklace. To learn more about it (and see a better picture of it), go here (to Lauren's blog) or here (to Lauren's Etsy shop). Thanks in advance for participating!


ShopKim said...

That dress is gorgeous! I love the colors and the pattern and it looks great on you! Count me in for the giveaway too. I think the necklace is so unique and pretty.

Wear Necessities said...

This outfit is super cute! Love the blue raincoat with the pink dress. Dang girl, what a good deal you got on those heels, too! $14.97! holy moly. anyways. count me in too for the giveaway! :)


f8hasit said...

I concur! The dress is one of my favorites that I've seen so far. Great colors for your complexion! And hte necklace is VERY interesting the way the chain connects! Too cool.

Gwendelyn said...

Okay, here I am, lured in by your shameless plug on FB, lol. Renee, you look great! I love your style, it's so fun. The shoes were an incredible fine, indeed. Fashion people on Oprah were saying a couple of days ago how 'in' the peep toe is this season, so you're good to go girl. Checked out the Etsy store, very cool stuff. I found Etsy a few years ago and like buying gifts from there since so much stuff is unique. Keep doing what you're doing, awesome!!!

David said...

LOVE the shoes!!! If only the guys had as much variety with their shoes.

ShopKim said...

I can enter three times right?? Here is time #2!

ShopKim said...

Throwing my hat in for time #3! :-)

Astroman said...

Great Blog! I love that you have fashion info for the guys as well! We need help too (and some more than others).

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Renee!! I miss you girl! Those shoes are super cute. You know me and my love of high heels. :-) Thank you for the email about your blog. It would be great to reconnect with you one of these days. You can be my fashion consultant anytime. So when are you coming back to NH?? I need all the help I can get. Take care.

Love you bunches,
Tina :-)

Intrinsically Florrie said...

I love your coat! It's an incredibly lovely colour. :)

Florrie x

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Your dress is very, very pretty too- I like pink and like florals and it is very flattering, so it gets my full approval (not that that counts for much, but it does get it). =]

Florrie x

Intrinsically Florrie said...

I do not own an LBD either, I tend to live in prints most of the time and forget basics too. But I fully intend to rectify the situation shortly.
Those shoes are very nice- chic and ladylike.

Florrie x

Melanie said...

Renee! I love your blog! The shoes are awesome....I am stuck in the mountians doomed to wear Dansko clogs FOREVER!!! My feet are jealous of your feet! Miss you Call me!

Amy said...

You are entirely too cute for words. Of course, I don't know much about fashion as you can plainly see, but I do know those SHOES right on rock. Congratulations on such a great find. I love a great find, BTW, I'm a size 7. xoxo A

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