Thursday, December 10, 2009

Birthdays, Glasses and Fur, Oh, my!

So yesterday was David's birthday and a bunch of us went out to see the New "Christmas Carol" movie. It was amazing. It was terrifying, uplifting, funny and we all enjoyed it. I didn't know at first, but it turns out, the movie was also playing in 3-D, so we of course had to see it with those fabulous 3-D glasses. I'm telling you, there isn't much that screams "sex appeal" like big, black plastic frame glasses. Aren't we all the hottest thing around?

Clockwise from center is Brance, Angela, Jen, David and me. We are a mighty fine looking crew if you ask me and the glasses really make a difference! Haha- I am totally kidding of course! We had a blast celebrating David's birthday, and that's really what matters.

This morning when I got dressed it was SO much colder than it has been recently. The weather station said that we would be getting down into the 17-18 degree range! Of course I had to layer on some warm pieces to prepare for such a cold day!

It's the same super-comfy black dress I always wear along with some black tights (Dress: Marshalls or TJ Maxx, Tights: Target), new black shoes ($14.99 at the BCF!), a purple wool cropped sweater/jacket from last winter (Marshalls) and some fun jewelry pieces including some bangles on my wrist and a large beaded necklace draped in front (both H&M). I can't even begin to describe how happy I am with these new shoes. I'll have to take a better picture of them for you to see. They are just a basic round toe wedge pump with a little button detail on the front toe. They are SO incredibly comfortable and cute- they might be my new favorite shoes!

Of course, this outfit wouldn't keep me warm outside, and knowing what temperatures I'd be up against, I pulled out my warmest winter coat. It also happens to be one of my absolute favorite things I own.

I bought it over a year ago for $75 at a vintage shop in downtown Lancaster- Mommalicious. I've blogged about them before. It's a great vintage shop and I go there all the time. I happened to be there with my mom and she spotted this gorgeous coat on a mannequin. We proceeded to fight over who would get to buy it. In the end I won, simply because it fit me better. It was the one time in my life I've ever been happy to be larger than someone. My mom is just too petite for the coat. Honestly, there is NOTHING about this coat that I do not LOVE. The fur collar is incredibly warm and cozy. The brocade fabric is amazing and even the details like the buttons and the lining are unique and full of personality. I have never worn this coat without receiving compliments on it. I hope to have it for years to come. Last winter I had to do some minor repairs on it, but I'm happy to stitch a seam in place if it means extending the life of the coat. And for anyone out there who is opposed to wearing fur, I completely understand if you hate my coat as a result. But to be honest, the coat is over 40 years old, so whatever animal I'm wearing was killed a loooooong time ago. I personally would never purchase a new fur piece, especially when there are so many vintage pieces available. To be honest, I wouldn't be comfortable in a full fur coat. I think the only reason this one works for me is that the fur is outside and it's only on the collar. But it's a beautiful coat and it feels amazing, so I love it. I get teased a bit every now and then for wearing it- I've been called "Duchess," and "Mama Rose" in it, but I never take offense. I adore it. I love how it can stand alone. So many of the coats I own are very plain, which makes them a perfect blank canvas for a brooch or scarf, but by themselves can be a little boring. This coat needs nothing. It's fabulous all on its own. Did I mention that I love it?

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