Thursday, December 17, 2009

A little blue box under my tree

So the other day, my mom called and said that she sent me a package but that I was to wait until Christmas to open it. Fine, no problem. Then a package arrived at my door and when I checked the return address it was NOT my mother's. I figured it was one of the Etsy orders I'd placed for Christmas presents. Turns out I was wrong. As soon as I opened the package and saw what was inside, I knew I'd opened my mom's Christmas gift to me. How could I tell? I'm sure it would have been a dead giveaway to anyone:

What is it about a little blue box that gets us girls so riled up? It's a bit too large to house a piece of jewelry and I've tried and tried to avoid visiting the Tiffany's website to see what might fit into a box this size! I'll have to resist for another seven days and trust me, it will be hard! Isn't it precious how they tie a red ribbon at Christmas time? I've received one other little blue box in my lifetime and it also came from my parents. It was a Tiffany's silver chainlink bracelet and not a day has gone by that I have not worn it. There's something so special about things that come in little blue boxes.

What's your Christmas wish this year? Is there something special you're hoping for? When someone asks me what I want for Christmas (or my birthday), I find it hard to answer. Sure, there are things I want, but I don't generally tell people, "I saw a cashmere scarf at Macy's I'd love to have." That just seems awkward to me. If someone sees something in a store and they think I'll like it, then most likely I will, but if there were no Christmas presents on Christmas morning, that would be fine, too. As long as I could spend the day with the people I love. My family hasn't bought fancy presents for each other in quite a few years, choosing instead to focus on quality time together, spending money on a nice meal out, or a day of shopping together. I like it that way... but I also like little blue boxes.

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