Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shoesday Tuesday- I heart flats

I do heart flats. I also heart wedges and heels, but today's post is all about the ballet flat. I admit, I resisted the return of this style of shoe quite vehemently, but I have since gotten over my issues with it, and now it is a staple in my closet. A week does not go by that I don't wear a pair of cute flats at some point. They are comfortable and if you find the right ones, they can be flattering on anyone. I try to keep the ones in my closet relatively neutral- I have a handful of black and brown ones and one odd-ball pair in red, but they're super casual and very summery, so you won't see them for quite a long time. Anyway, in my Shop-It-To-Me email of the week, there were a handful of really cute flats, so I thought I would share them with you.

First up, the Nine West Verner flat, available through Shop It To Me for only $47.90:

I love the two-tone look and the big buckle detail. Don't you?

And the other shoe I loved from my Shop It To Me email was also from Nine West. Available for $59.53, the Eloquant is simply elegant, if you ask me:

I guess I love buckle details, huh? I suppose that makes me a little boring and predictable, but I can live with that. What do you think of these flats? About flats in general? Leave a comment any time!

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