Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Accessory GIVEAWAY!!!

Good afternoon everyone! Today is the start of another GIVEAWAY! It will end a week from today, just in time for Christmas! Today's giveaway is a handmade brooch (handmade by yours truly, of course). The concept is nothing new, just a zipper sewn into the shape of a bow or flower with a pin clasp sewn to the back. They are very versatile and can be worn on a lapel, or at your waistline or even on a hat. It's a fun, funky detail to add to any outfit. I like to add a brooch (any kind, not necessarily the kind featured today) when I need a pop of color or just a fun added detail to make my outfit that much more interesting. As for this particular style of brooch, I wore one in this post. I made TEN of these lovely brooches today and two of my readers will be the lucky recipients of the brooch of their choice. The remaining 8 brooches will be for sale for a mere $7 plus shipping after the giveaway ends (which means you can't get them in time for Christmas- sorry!). To enter simply leave a comment on THIS POST. You may enter up to three times. I will use to select the winners from the comments. Good luck!

Here are the various brooches available. As you can see, no two are exactly alike.

Bright yellow with brass teeth

Bright pink with brass teeth

Purple with brass teeth

Sky blue with nickel teeth

Dark charcoal grey with brass teeth

As you can see there are two designs for each color- one with the zipper pull and one without. That's because each flower/bow only requires one side of the zipper, so I thought it would be fun to leave the zipper pulls on some of them for an added funky look. I promise when you wear one of these brooches, you will get lots of compliments. From a distance, they appear to be simply embellished ribbon and it isn't until you get closer that you notice the teeth and figure out that it's a zipper! My personal favorites are the bright pink and sky blue ones. If anyone has a particular color they are looking for in one of these, just let me know and I'd be happy to make one to order for you! Have a fabulous day!


ShopKim said...

Count me in! Those are very cool.

la tienda de la telaraña said...

My favourite colours are dark charcoal grey with brass teeth and bright pink with brass teeth. But all of them are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me. Is there anything you can't do?? I have an affinity toward the purple & pink ones. They are so pretty. Did I mention I really loved the scarflets from a previous post? They were beautiful, and looked so luxurious. It leaves me to wonder what you will come up with next!

Tina :-)

ShopKim said...

Throwing my hat in again!

Anonymous said...

Wow--you are sooo creative--I think these are 2 Cute! I'd love to be entered in your giveaway! I'm happy you posted on my blog I've been in a blog rut and looking for a new BLOG to peruse! I've enjoyed catching up on your blog and your witty writing!!! :)

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