Wednesday, December 9, 2009

White House Black Market

Good afternoon everyone! I went shopping on Monday with my friend Jen. She was on the lookout for a dress for our company Christmas party. As you know, I already have one, but I'm always happy to help someone else shop for something fabulous. Our Christmas party is usually a good excuse to get all dolled up, so we were shopping for a nice little cocktail dress for her. We found it at the Limited and it is spectacular. Check it out (the picture doesn't do it justice):

We went to quite a few shops looking for the perfect dress with the perfect price and this one was the winner. At 40% off, the dress came to $53.70 and I think Jen is going to look amazing next week at our party. Before finally striking gold at the Limited, we went to lots of other places and tried lots of other dresses, but my personal favorite stop was at the White House Black Market. Jen tried on several dresses there, and since I was along for the ride, I saw no reason why I shouldn't have fun trying on dresses, too. Which one did I try? This one, of course:

As we were about to head to the fitting room, I said to Jen, "I think I might try on a dress, too," and I gestured in the general direction of the dress above. She said, "Oh, the one that says 'Bouch' all over it?" She knows me too well. The dress looked spectacular and of course I felt amazing in it. So, if anyone wants to purchase it for me for Christmas, feel free. At $348, it's a tad extravagant and by "a tad," I mean out of control! I also have NO reason to own such a gorgeous gown. I'm not planning to walk down a red carpet anytime soon. But despite the fact that I can't afford it and I have no reason to own it, I still loved putting it on. There's something so great about wearing a beautifully made dress- you walk taller, hold your head higher and just feel different, don't you think?

Of course, the picture I took of myself actually wearing the dress is a ridiculous one. I'm holding a stuffed snowman as if we are prom dates. I was in the middle of playing a fun practical joke and silly me- I never put the snowman down for another picture where I didn't look like a comlete lunatic. I'd share it with you, but I'm not tech-savvy enough to figure out how to take a picture from my phone and upload it on blogger. So sorry for my shortcomings! Well, maybe I'm not that sorry- I'm not sure I want a photo of me and a stuffed snowman going to prom floating around on the interwebs. Do any of you have Christmas parties to attend this year? What are you wearing? Are they casual or dressy affairs? Tell me all about it!


la tienda de la telaraña said...

In Spain, the most important nigths of Christmas are the 24 and th 31. 24´s nigth is called "nochebuena" Every people put their dressy affairs those days. We don´t mind the cold we feel!
Thank you for visiting the blog. You are welcome!

Beth said...

I don't have a Christmas party, but I do have a wedding on Jan. 2. Since the couple are in a friend group that's had a couple weddings already, I needed to find a new dress– everyone's seen me in my go-to cocktail dress already. Well, I hit the clearance racks at Macy's one-day sale, and I found a great dress for $25!(!!!) It's an empire waist cocktail dress with black lace over a beige lining. The lace gives it sex appeal, and the empire waist is extremely flattering. And did I mention it was only $25?

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Beth, that is a spectacular price! Nice job! If you send me a picture of you in the dress, I'll post it on the blog! :-)

And la tienda, that is interesting to know! Thanks for the comment!

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