Monday, December 14, 2009

Fair Indigo

I noticed that since I made the purchase of two knit cowl neck tops from Fair Indigo a while ago, I've been able to use them in a wide variety of outfits, several of which I posted on this blog. Check them out:

I bought them hoping to use them as layering pieces and it worked out flawlessly! I remember being so shocked (in a good way) with how soft they were. Well, that softness has not worn away AT ALL! They're still in excellent shape and as you can see, I wear them all the time. My only complaint is that this style top doesn't come in every color imaginable. There is one other color option- a pale-oatmeal-sort-of-color. I'm thinking of getting it, but I've sworn off shopping for myself until after the New Year. Until then it's Christmas shopping or nothing at all. If you're like me, you wait until the last minute to find gifts for everyone. If you need help, may I offer these suggestions from Fair Indigo (all of which are currently on sale, mostly in the 50-75% off range!):

For the women in your life: girlfriend, sister, mother, aunt, etc:

Chunky Blend Zip Cardigan, $29.50 (Originally $89!!!)
Also available in charcoal grey.

Wood/Shell Multi-strand Bracelet, only $10.77!!! Bargain!!! (Originally $17.95)

Luxe Flannel PJ Set, $39.50 (Originally $79!)

For the men in your life: Father, brother, boyfriend, uncle:

Rib Zip Jacket, $29.50 (Originally $59)

Pima Cotton Dress Shirt, $19.50 (Originally $49!)

Hand Crocheted Stripe Scarf, $23.60 (Originally $59)

Do you have young nieces, nephews, or children of your own? How about these fabulous finds:

Organic Baby Playsuit, $12.50 (Originally $25)

Organic Baby Cubby Hooded Cardigan, $48.50 (Originally $55)

Organic Mooey the Cow, $19.50 (Originally $25)

There's something for everyone, if you ask me!

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