Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rate My Look- a day behind!

Top: Daffy's $4.99
Jeans: Old Navy, $19
Scarf: Wet Seal, FREE!
Hat: I have NO idea
Shoes: Nine West, $19.99

Ok, first of all, I am really not getting better at the whole self-portrait thing. Maybe my camera stinks. Maybe I need better lighting. I have no idea. If you have suggestions, they are welcome. In a perfect world, I'd be dating a handsome & rugged professional photographer who would snap my photo anytime I wanted. (Suggestions on meeting a handsome & rugged professional photographer are welcome, too!) Unfortunately for everyone involved, I do not have a handsome & rugged professional photographer at my beck and call, so I must make do with my el cheapo Kodak Easy Share camera and software. So tragic.

But enough about my picture problems. I wore this outfit on Wednesday (I'm a couple of days behind posting my outfits). I wanted to put together a fun outfit for the top because I was so excited to wear it. It's not exactly a groundbreaking top, but I got it while in the city on Monday at Daffy's, one of my all-time favorite stores for a mere $4.99! Bargain! I, of course, went on to the garment district and dropped nearly $100 on fabric, thus ruining my plan to be thrifty that day! The best laid plans, right? I guess I was in a colorful mood because I paired the bright teal top with an equally bright pink scarf. The hat I wore mainly because I didn't feel like doing my hair! Shameful, I know.

But all in all, I think it's a fine outfit. I'm sure all of you fashionable ladies out there feel much the same way I do when you get dressed for work. You feel a certain amount of pressure to always deliver a stellar outfit. I find that when I dressed casually at work (which is completely the norm at AMT), I almost got more comments than when I made sure to put together and "outfit." I feel like this "outfit" is less so than what I typically wear, but you can't be totally glamorous every single day of your life, right?


Melanie M said...

You look great! I want a free Wet Seal scarf:( Follow me, please?:)

Fell 4 Fashion said...

I love the pop of color the scarf brings!!!

Wear Necessities said...

I dont know what you're talking about, this outfit is soooo flattering on you! Great color combo too! - Natalya of Wear Necessities

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