Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rate My Look- Tuesday's outfit and today's outfit, too!

Tuesday was rainy and gross and while I did take some pictures, they did not come out as I'd hoped. So... after work tonight, I put that outfit on again, grabbed my fabulous new tripod and snapped a few pictures. So here's take two of Tuesday's outfit:

I love the Jeep in the background of that first picture- oops! I'll be honest- I'm really enjoying my new tripod. It makes taking pictures such a piece of cake. I can't believe I waited this long to get one. Shameful, isn't it? Anyway, this outfit is my favorite pair of Old Navy jeans, a peach top so old I can't remember where or when I got it, much less what it cost, a new vest from Maurices, and some super fun accessories- my favorite turquoise cocktail ring from Festoon in downtown Lancaster, a bright red flower pin from Ann Taylor Loft and my floral print shoes I recently bought at Daffy's on my trip to New York:
The colors I chose to wear in this outfit were all pulled from the print on these shoes- the peach, the bright red and the turquoise. They aren't the most common combination of colors, but they work quite well together and make what could have been a very boring outfit into something a little more special. Jeans with a black vest isn't very exciting, even with a peach top underneath, but the floral shoes and bright accessories in fun contrasting colors add a whole new dimension. The next time you find yourself wondering how to accessorize an outfit, rather than choose something that "matches" or is in a similar color family, instead choose something that contrasts. The key to combining colors like this is to make sure there is some unifying factor. Pastels with pastels, brights with brights, primaries with primaries. That's not to say you can't have a pastel outfit with a bright or primary color accessory- that works, too, but the bright accessory then needs to be the only piece that is bright. Don't mix bright with pastel with primary with muted, etc. Color is a really fun way to add personality to your outfits. Experiment! You might be surprised with what you come up with!

Of course, before I put on Tuesday's outfit again, I snapped a few photos of the outfit I wore today, so you're getting a double-whammy in this post!

This is the green and white skirt I made a few weeks ago. Old Navy had a sale on lace-trim cami's not too long ago, so I got this one in green. The pink ribbon seemed like a nice contrast, plus who doesn't love pink and green together? The sequin cardi is just too much fun not to wear every once in a while- I got it at Rue 21 a while ago, but I forget what it cost. I finished the look with white strappy wedges from Target that I got last summer and once again my favorite cocktail ring in turquoise from Festoon in downtown Lancaster.

What do you think of my colorful outfits this week? Leave a comment if you like! Sometimes I think, "Renee, just wear something neutral!" But what fun is that, right? Anyway, I hope this weather will keep up- I really enjoy getting outside to snap photos when the sun is shining.


Beth said...

I love both these outfits, but I am a sucker for the Annie Hall look so I will be totally copying it next week for work. Love the print on the skirt- very retro.

Totally Inspired said...

I love both of these looks too.. That vest is too too cute! and that shrug.. it has "glitteratti" (sp? lol) all over it ... I loooove it too!!! cute cute caaaaaauuuuuutttttt!

f8hasit said...

Lovin' the vest and the shoes!
And you are so right, who doesn't love pink and green?
Tres cute!

B. Cornelius said...

Vest and jeans-nice!

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